Saturday, 18 August 2012

...of course atheism isn't a religion even when it acts like one

It seems that this terrible thing - the cross - is making some atheists ill:

Kelly challenged Silverman’s assertion that many atheists were suffering from “dyspepsia” and “headaches” because of the cross. Silverman said that he had members who would testify in court that this was the case. 

Do you not find this the most bizarre of statements from someone who leads American Atheists? It seems that the decision to incoporate a cross in the 'Ground Zero' development is causing both controversy and illness among the USA's atheist community. This Mr Silverman suggests will be resolved is they are allowed to incorporate a symbol as well.

Problem is that there isn't an atheist symbol - that would be all too religious!


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Anonymous said...

The obvious solution would be to cross the cross out. But wait- that would mean another cross with dyspeptic and headachy consequences. Oh no! What's an atheist to do?