Tuesday, 4 September 2012

George Galloway: sometimes it takes an Arab to explain...


George appeared on a Syrian sponsored TV station in the Lebanon and got into some bother:

He then goes on to farcically defend the Iranian regime, telling an audience member, "You make me sick", forcing him to walk out as Galloway utters, "Alhamdulillah"

Indeed it seems mighty odd that George "Bradford Spring" Galloway is defending the Syrian regime (not to mention the regime in Iran) so I was helped out by Karl Sharro, Lebanese blogger and commentor on Arab democracy who imagined George reflecting on how his first Syrian-funded TV appearance had gone:

Al-hamdullilah today we have completed the first episode of my new show at Al-Mayadeen television channel, for which I will be receiving £3000 per episode. The money will go towards buying more houses that I can name after important moments in the history of the Palestinian struggle inshallah. Perhaps a villa on the French Riviera. There’s so much more that I can do for Palestine, like I keep reminding Syrians.
When the producers of the show first contacted me, I was a bit anxious. ‘Would I have to wear a tight-fitting bodysuit and pretend to be a cat?’ Somebody had told me that was haram. Also, that it made it look like I would do anything for money. They reassured me that wouldn’t be the case, I would just have to be myself. Well, not exactly myself, I decided Arabs would like me more if I pretended to be Eli Wallach playing an Arab in a spaghetti western.

Do read the rest of Karl's reflections - they are rather funny and to the point. But the saddest thing about all this is that George will get into more trouble for thoughtless foot-in-mouth remarks about rape and disability than he will for defending murderous dictatorial regimes on TV stations with possible links to one or other (or both) of those regimes.


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