Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why our "City Region" shouldn't be called Leeds


I like Leeds. It's a fine City with a great history. But the "City Region" in which Leeds sits shouldn't be called after that city.

1. Leeds isn't a strong enough brand when set against "Yorkshire" or "York". Most of the people we want to reach will more likely have heard of the county and its eponymous city but won't have heard of Leeds.

2. Yorkshire means something to people - both cultural identification (verging on the nationalistic at times) plus a distinct and powerful appeal

3. Using Leeds alienates and distracts from the point and purpose of the "City Region" - inevitably (and to date accurately) the accusations are made that all the attention is on the City of Leeds itself rather than on the rest of the region

4. There are five actual cities within the "city region" - why pick just one of these even if it is the biggest

It seems to me that, if we are to make the most of this opportunity, we need to get a brand that isn't divisive and that resonates for a much wider audience. "Leeds" will never do this - we have to change the 'city region's name.



Anonymous said...

Well, as every decent loiner knows, Leeds leads and others follow.

Anonymous said...

Simon, I generally respect your views but on this occasion I'm sorry but utter tosh, there needs to be a maturity and recognition across the region that the economic driver is Leeds, love or hate it that is the reality. The region needs to set aside tribal differences and accept this. Yorkshire, great county though it is, is too large and diverse to be sold as an investment destination, our rowdy neighbours have got it right over the pennines. Manchester is the smallest part of the Manchester City Region, Manchester Airport is in Stockport and Manchester United FC is in Trafford, if you're in China or Brazil you don't care but you have certainly heard of the place. Speaking as a non-Leeds resident I will grin and bear it but also benefit from qualit of lifestyle, and proximity to an economic powerhouse.Let's get the investors here first, we can educate them on our local tribes later.