Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Did the BBC cover up child abuse? If there was ever a case for a public enquiry, this is it.


...after all that is what we'd be hearing from the righteous hordes of BBC, Guardian and Labour Party folk if the offending organisation was a private business, a local council or some other media organisation.

What we are hearing today is that one DJ and TV presenter targeted and abused teenage girls over four decades. And throughout that period this person worked for the BBC. His shows had producers, designers, directors, cameramen, scriptwriters, editors - a vast army of BBC staff. None of whom saw these girls being taken back to dressing rooms. No-one spotted the groping and mauling. No-one suspected rape.

I don't believe it. I don't believe that there were no complaints made. I can't imagine that there was never a girl in pieces at the Corporation because of some star's inappropriate attention. Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps those BBC employees were blind as bats and honest as monks.

What should worry us is that there might be others - people with senior positions in the media - who were complicit in covering up systematic abuse of teenagers. In a public corporation.

If there was ever a case for a public enquiry, this is it.



Anonymous said...

Tread carefully. It is not only the hierarchy of the BBC who were covering up for decades.
Strong links to very senior political figures (no names, no pack-drill) could be exposed, leading to major embarrassment to some parties - e.g. yours !
Ask yourself which party awarded him the knighthood and why ?
Still want a full public enquiry ?

Simon Cooke said...

Dear Anonymous (oh how I wish you weren't so timid - do leave your name next time, I don't bite)

You show exactly the same attitude as those who covered up for Savile. The same as those who dismissed it a 'just gossip'.

Of course I want a full enquiry - both for the victims and as a warning to the future.