Thursday, 4 October 2012

In which we are reminded of the terrors that NHS privatisation would bring...


In a blog post on another matter Anna Raccoon describes the experience of France's semi-private health system:

...a chauffeur driven limousine pulled up outside my house, precisely on time, in order to drive me in comfort some 100 miles to the specialist Cancer centre in Bordeaux; the scan was carried out within minutes of my arrival, leaving me half an hour to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a fag before the consultant appeared smilingly at his door to greet me by name at the allotted time. I cannot tell you what hell and deprivations I must suffer now that I am safely out of the all embracing  grasp of the NHS.

I'm sure there's a reason why the NHS can't deliver this sort of service. The words "monopoly" and "government" spring to my mind.


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Desmond Dekker's Dirtbox said...

The words "The UK has had a much slower rate of growth in healthcare spending compared with France and had lower levels of spending every year for the past half century. The most recent OECD spending comparisons show that in 2008, the UK spent 8.7% of its gross domestic product on health compared with 11.2% for France—28% more" spring to mind.

John Appleby - The Kings Fund Jan 2011.

So let's see; you Tories want us to emulate a system costing several percentage points of GDP *more* than the one we've got.
Wow! But I'm puzzled; you also keep saying, over and over again, that "there isn't any money left".
Could you explain?