Monday, 8 October 2012

Stanley King, RIP

Yesterday died one of Bradford's finest. If you were to seek a role model as a Councillor, you could do little better than look at Stanley. Representing Heaton -  the place of his birth, where he went to school and where he lived his entire life - Stanley was the consummate ward councillor. Over his forty odd years on council, thousands of local residents will have witnessed his droll humour and will have received his letters - each one beautifully hand-written.

Stanley cared. Not that shout a lot sort of caring we see so much of these days but a quiet, understated and appreciative way of looking out for his neighbours, his fellow citizens of Bradford. Stanley's caring - for the people of Heaton and of the City - wasn't a reflection of ideology or of political passion but of a profound love of the place he lived and the City in which that place is found.

Looking at Stanley's political life, you see the true meaning of Conservatism. Stanley loved Heaton, was passionate about Bradford (and especially its now lost trolley buses and trams) and believed that if everyone looked out for the places they loved and cared for the country would be better for such attention.

Today the bells of City Hall tolled in remembrance of a fine man. Not a toff, certainly not wealthy but truly a Tory gentleman. He will be missed.


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