Monday, 1 October 2012

"The fetish of consumer choice..." - an introduction to 21st century fascism


All the wonder - the liberation - of choice is but an indulgence. Or at least this is the view of one Andrew Dobson writing in the Guardian.

We need to discard the ideological trappings of an increasingly discredited neo-liberalism – such as the fetish of consumer choice, or the notion of the small state.

The fetish of consumer choice! Andrew Dobson would have us queuing outside GUM in drab conformity before returning to a depressing apartment - just the state TV channel braying out the instructions of our masters. And - when the electricity works which isn't every day - Mr Dobson would have our cupboard (no point in a fridge) filled with the dull product of a state factory.

In Professor Dobson's world this control is needed because of "climate change" - the imperative of impending doom demands that the state takes command and leads. All must be:

...brought back under democratic control, and control of the state must be wrested from those whose interest lies in diminishing its democratic potential for reining in the market and acting in the common interest.

Andrew Dobson does not know it but he is a fascist.


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