Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ban restaurants!


They're killing our children with obesity:

In their report, the authors argue that restaurants are clearly responsible for making children less healthy and that government intervention will be required to improve the health effect of restaurants on children: “Public policies that aim to reduce restaurant consumption — such as increasing the relative costs of these purchases; limiting access through zoning, particularly around schools; limiting portion sizes; and limiting exposure to marketing — deserve serious consideration.”

We're not just talking about McDonalds and KFC here folks but all those wonderful little places that you've discovered that are so child-friendly.

These people need stopping. Not the restaurants but the hideous prohibitionists who want to regulate pleasure out of existence. And the funny thing about this is that the sort of people - Shadow Health Spokesman, Andy Burnham springs to mind here - who want to introduce legal limits on salt and fat content don't realise that they'll kill off artisan ice-cream and will force restaurants out of business. They're looking at the easy target of the wicked "food industry" and missing the self-evident fact that lots of those celebrated foodie wonders are every bit and fat and sugar loaded (it is of course the best butter and prized sea salt but it's still salt and fat).

And people have spotting the problem with Burnham's search for a headline:

"Such an approach could paradoxically undermine public health by, in effect, the banning of products that actually contribute to a healthy diet. Whilst a product such as raisins can contribute to one of five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables, it could be classed as high sugar."

But, of course, the nannying fussbuckets don't care about whether it works or whether their science is accurate. They just want to ban stuff - for the children or worse still: save the NHS money

These people need stopping. There isn't an 'obesity crisis' and children are not being made fat by advertising. These are lies that cover up simple truths - people are fat mostly because they eat too much and exercise too little. But most people aren't obese and most children aren't fat. So let's concentrate on informing, persuading and helping the ones who are fat rather than blaming it on society or corporate greed.




SadButMadLad said...

If the want to save the NHS money they should stop creating all the campaigns. The sole purpose of which is to put money into the pockets of their friends in charities and quangos.

Curmudgeon said...

I'll support that if it keeps wailing brats out of pubs ;-)

Leg-iron said...

So those pubs all we smokers were thrown out of were advised to diversify into food and become more family-friendly.

Then they get blamed for the drunks, and now for fat kids.

I'm glad I don't own a pub. The NHS is determined to close them all.