Friday, 9 November 2012

We can't have mining here, it's a mining heritage site!


Welcome to the batty world we live in, one where UNESCO oppose the reopening of tin mining in Cornwall (providing new jobs and new income to England's poorest county):

A report published by Unesco’s World Heritage Committee stated that "mining within World Heritage properties violates the standards recognised by the World Heritage Committee and the International Council on Mining and Metals".

Bear in mind that this is the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site!



Ivan D said...

You miss the point Simon. UNESCO, WHO and the rest of the unproductive supranational QUANGOS provide far more employment than Cornish tin mining ever will. The fact that they are incompetent, bureaucratic completely unproductive and corrupt is neither here nor there in our modern Utopia.

Unlike UNESCO, tin is actually useful and usually apolitical.

Anonymous said...

They'll be manufacturing alpaca wool stuff in Saltaire next !