Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Can we talk about why professionals don't vote Tory?


After all it's the real problem. In fact 2010 wasn't lost because the working classes - C2DE - didn't vote Conservative.

This* shows Conservative lead by social class for 1979 and 2010


In truth 2010 was the Party's best ever post-war result among the working-classes. It's the professionals that aren't voting Conservative.  So why is this and why didn't 'modernising' the Party work?

And maybe we can talk a little less about a 'working class tory' strategy?

*taken from here

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Anonymous said...

But a week in Politics is a long time as you will see if you consult the You Gov poll data which gives more recent information on relationships between social class and voting behaviour. from Russsell of website source for above table. Thanks for using my site!