Sunday, 20 January 2013

Labour - the party for the wealthy


Or so it seems.

Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said the Government had “fallen far short” of a fair solution to the care crisis. “A cap on care bills of £75,000 per person, or £150,000 per couple, will not protect the home and life savings of an average family,” Mr Burnham said. 

Read that carefully. What Burnham is saying is that the government should pay rather than have people spend those "life savings" or realise the capital value in their home. Labour is arguing for the wealthy to be allowed to keep their wealth rather than use it to provide care for themselves.

So who pays. Burnham doesn't mention this but it's the taxpayer - thousands of people on incomes below the "poverty line" that Labour folk keep harping on about will be coughing up cash so these people don't have to touch their life savings or sell their valuable house. Lots of low paid workers paying taxes so well-off elderly home-owners - or rather their children - can keep those "life savings" and have (the money from) that "family home".

Just as we saw over child benefit, we're seeing Labour championing middle-class welfare benefits that will be paid for by higher taxes on those hard-working families - those strivers - that the party is always gibbering on about.


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