Friday, 15 March 2013

On rude Bradford councillors...


Yesterday, at a meeting of Bradford Council's Regulatory & Appeals Committee, there was a fine example of the arrogance of institutions and the rudeness of politicians.

Let me explain:

1. Around fifty members of the public were kept waiting in a corridor of City Hall while the committee had a "briefing". If members needed to be briefed before the meeting, so be it. But other rooms are available and the public could be allowed to go into the meeting room and sit down.

2. The meeting started late. Not a little bit late but 20 minutes late. No reasons were given, no explanations made. And worst of all the Chairman, Cllr Warburton didn't even apologise for keeping people - quite a few of them elderly - waiting in a drafty corridor.

A rather poor show. The public only turn up to meetings when it's really important to them - a little more courtesy wouldn't go amiss.


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