Monday, 13 May 2013

Not quitting just yet (even though we're selling up)...

A very lovely house you can buy! least while the lunatics are anywhere close to running the shop.

But this doesn't stop people finding that two plus two equals six thousand and seventy six.

Subject: Is Cllr Simon Cooke set to depart local Public Life?

This weekend I was informed that Cllr Cooke has placed his house in Cullingworth, on the market, perhaps some 2 months ago.

The agent is Dacres and details are available on their website. Clearly this is a fact NOT speculation.

If he relocates away from Bradford Metro Area, he will create an eventual vacancy in what is deemed a "safe seat" for the Party. Interest from many potential candidates could be expected.

Additionally a new Deputy Leader will have to emerge for the Bradford Conservative Group.

Cllr Cooke 4 year term of office concludes in May 2015, the expected date of the General Election.

There you go folks! Truth is we wanted a change - there's just two of us in a great big house and the aim of cutting down the bills is, we think, a good one.

So no I'm not quitting just yet - whatever the temptation might be.

In the meantime if you want to buy my house, here are the details:


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