Friday, 28 June 2013

...and Bradford Council want you to think there's a housing crisis


For some while now the Labour folk running Bradford (into the ground) have been telling us that there's a 'housing crisis' requiring us to build loads and loads of houses all over the place to cope with our growing population.

However, it seems that this growing population is, in fact, leaving:

Internal migration statistics, released by the Office of National Statistics yesterday, show around 4,000 more people left the district than arrived in the year ending June 2012. 

We'll be finding out that the birth rate statistics the Council are using are wrong next.

Mind you in the same newspaper they're running:

Bradford’s Housing Timebomb, which calls for more affordable homes to be built on brownfield land to help the 21,000 local people stuck on social housing waiting lists. 

The 21,000 figure is, of course, a complete fiction - this is the number of people registered on the Bradford 'choice-based letting' system which isn't a waiting list. Anyone can register and no questions about housing need are asked. However, this doesn't stop self-interested lobbies like the National Housing Federation.

In Bradford there are perhaps 6,000 people actually in some kind of housing need in any given year and around 2,000 social rents coming onto the market in the same period. If a net figure of 4,000 people are leaving (mostly leaving behind an empty home), it seems to me that the housing development need in Bradford is pretty close to zero.

And this rather explains why there's over 5,000 houses planned that aren';t being built. Put simply, there's no-one to buy them.


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Anonymous said...

It's a 'crisis' when there's not enough building going on to generate the customary level of bungs to those involved in the process.