Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Let's not let a few facts get in the way of our anti-smoking, eh?


We should know better than to wander onto groups and forums - even on the shiny business place that is Linked In. But resistance is futile and I found myself making the case for e-cigs - the case supported by the Royal College of Physicians and other well know shills of the tobacco industry. This is the response:

I can see all your facts and figures but they simply don't stack up against the actual pain that goes with cancer and they won't change my mind. 

This was from an intelligent businesswoman (who started by saying she would never employ a smoker - imagine the reaction if it had been a disabled person she wouldn't employ) and it reminds us of how the anti-smoking campaigns have poisoned the well of truth.

Shortly after came this comment:
E-cigarettes are a blatant attempt to circumvent anti - smoking legislation by unscrupulous companies. Ban them now and cigarettes in 3 years time.  Should give people time to get them out of their lives.

Such care and consideration here! Such a closed mind and such ignorance.


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Jonathan Bagley said...

"E-cigarettes are a blatant attempt to circumvent anti - smoking legislation...."

Well, at least she got that right. I'm puffing away as I type. Good luck with her trying to figure out which of her employees is an ecig user. It's not good management style to perr uner the doors of toilet cubicles.