Friday, 5 July 2013



Not content with spending a fortune on a 'civic centre' no-one wanted or needed, Keighley Town Council doesn't want its proceedings to be transparent either:

Town mayor Councillor Sally Walker repeatedly asked members of the public in the gallery to stop filming the monthly town council meeting.

The group of about a dozen people included Graham Forsyth and Elizabeth Mitchell, who had told of their plan to film the meeting beforehand.

They argued that the Government's own rules applied to all public council meetings, and that these rules now allow them to film. 

Now I appreciate that Bradford Council needs to change its standing orders too but this is just pathetic. This is a public body meeting in public, there should be no grounds at all for refusing the public rights to film just so long as it doesn't interfere with proceedings.  Plenty of councils including Leeds and Kirklees (but sadly not Bradford) now live stream their proceedings.

As I said Keighley Town Council's response is pathetic.


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