Saturday, 13 July 2013

Quote of the day - Charles Moore on liberals


Or rather ' liberal progressives':

The answer, I suggest, is that one of the most important elements in the creed of “liberal progressives” is that they are fair and open-minded, and the rest of us aren’t. 

Moore is speaking in the context of the BBC in explaining how, despite it contortions around the concept of balance, it persists in portraying an essential 'liberal progressive' world view sustained by only employing people who share that view.

Liberalism is an important idea that has been captured and corrupted by people who are essentially Fabian social democrats. People whose first point of argument - as we've heard from Nick Clegg and Vince Cable today - is that something must be done and it will be done by government. However fair-minded this may be, however caring and open, it isn't what the political ideal of liberal means.


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Frances Coppola said...

Note the addition of the word "progressive" in Moore's comment. "Liberal" still means what it always did. "Liberal progressive", like "libertarian" and "neoliberal", is a corruption of "liberal".