Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tennis and politics...


We all sat - the whole party full - cheering on Andy Murray (not that our cries will have reached Wimbledon from Bradford) as he became the first British winner of the men's singles there for 77 years. And it was brilliant as a great bonus to our celebration of Margaret Polak's 90th birthday.

Funnily enough no-one mentioned how this might affect the coming referendum on Scottish independence. Nobody made the grumpy reference to Murray supporting Scotland and whatever team is playing England. No-one sought to claim that all this sporting triumph would give David Cameron a boost in the polls. Indeed no reference to the political significance of Murray's victory was made at all.

And there's a reason for this - great those Andy's win might be, it has absolutely no political significance and no political effect at all. Not a jot.

This however doesn't stop the usual bunch of daft pundits doing just that - making ridiculous political claims on the basis of this victory:

Here's Toby Young:

However Alex Salmond tries to spin this – and pulling out the Saltire was a cheap stunt – it is a victory for the Union and not for Scottish independence. Cameron is just past the half way point in his premiership but he's now at least one set up against Ed Miliband and on course for victory.

Well no, not really, Toby. It's rather a win for a young man from Scotland who has spent most of his life seeking to be the best tennis player on the planet. It has nothing to do with the Union or Independence and his winning is not likely to make it more or less likely that the Conservatives will win the next election.

Others were in there two - ex-pat, ex-MP Louise Mensch was no surprise in all this and was joined by assorted wannabe political commentors.

The truth is that sport doesn't need politics but politics needs sport. And sport should resist!


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