Thursday, 15 August 2013

A good example of 'nudge'. It's also a cracking idea.


Most of the left-wing world (and plenty of the Tory world too) thinks that 'nudge' is about pricing, taxing and regulating the hell out of things so as to make people change their behaviour. As the creators of the concept were clear this isn't so.

This is nudge:

A speedometer that indicates your speed and additionally gives you a money counter. What’s the deal? Each car that passes and stays below the speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour raises €0,03 for the neighborhood.

The money is paid out by the city of Amsterdam and is meant to be used in local community projects. The city’s slogan: “Max 30 — Save for the Neighborhood”. An interesting take on conditioning local residents to bring forth good citizenship instead of punishing car drivers for breaking minor traffic laws when being slightly over the speed limit.

Rather than the sign leading - as speed cameras do - to a fine and to punishment, we have a little gentle incentive. Slow down and the community gets some cash.


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Barman said...

The money is paid out by the city of Amsterdam

So it is stolen from the taxpayer - driver or not - and given back to another group of people if yet another group of people meet certain behaviour standards...?