Wednesday, 18 September 2013

More from David Attenborough, eugenicist


Today, David Attenborough has returned to his neo-malthusian, crypto-fascism. Essentially he's saying we should let those dark folk in Africa (or wherever) starve to death:

Raising the example of Ethiopia, Sir David said that the famine there was down to there being “too many people for too little piece of land”.

Speaking ahead of his new series David Attenborough's Rise of Animals, he suggested that humans are “blinding ourselves” to the problem, claiming, “We say, get the United Nations to send them bags of flour. That's barmy”.

Yes folks, this is our sainted bunnyhugger-in-chief speaking here. You lap up his gorgeous programmes about animals and give him the air to say it's OK simply to let poor people starve to death.

Leave aside Attenborough's ignorance of what caused the Ethiopian famine, this attitude - wrapped up in pseudo-science as it is - needs to be challenged. And perhaps Attenborough should be called out for the unpleasant human being that he has become?


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