Sunday, 1 September 2013

Why is it so important that everyone toes the line all the time?


It seems sad - and Nick Robinson is perhaps the saddest journalist in this respect - that discussion of important matters, in this case lives and deaths, becomes an exercise in political tactics. Don't get me wrong, I don't support us bombing Syria (it winds them up and it doesn't work)but this is for reasons of considering the situation and the argument not some sort of Macchiavellian machination. It may be true that the Prime Minister would risk his job through another vote. And such a vote may also rip Labour asunder. But that is not the point - the point is whether such a vote would be right and timely.



The Thought Gang said...

I've found the overtly pro-bombs coverage of this by the BBC to be particularly troubling, and the distillation down to matters of partly politics has been a big part of that.

They keep talking about how it was a vote against the Prime Minister. Not, as I saw it, a vote against launching missiles at people.

I guess that the BBC wants a controversy. So it suits to try and diminish the fact that we've seen a PM and parliament doing what they are supposed to do, and with the overwhelming support of the people whom they serve.

Radical Rodent said...

Maybe I am remarkably naive, but I always thought that an MP was there to represent his constituents in parliament, not to represent parliament with his constituents.