Friday, 15 November 2013

About that stagnant education performance again...


A quotation, unashamedly snaffled from here, from Algernon Wells' 1848 essay "On the Education of the Working Classes."

How to teach, how to improve children, are questions admitting of new and advanced solutions, no less than inquiries how best to cultivate the soil, or to perfect manufactures.  And these improvements cannot fail to proceed indefinitely, so long as education is kept wide open, and free to competition, and to all those impulses which liberty constantly supplies.  But once close up this great science and movement of mind from these invigorating breezes, whether by monopoly or bounty, whether by coercion or patronage, and the sure result will be torpor and stagnancy.

We've done the latter and achieved stagnation. Maybe Bradford should try the former now?


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