Sunday, 26 January 2014

Science doesn't support EU proposed restrictions on e-cigs


The New Scientist reports that:

Fifteen prominent scientists who have investigated the health consequences of electronic cigarettes have accused European Union regulators of misinterpreting their results. The scientists say the EU aim is to draft an unjustifiably burdensome new law to regulate e-cigarettes.

These scientists - including several cited in the EU's justification for stricter controls - argue that:

...regulation must be built on robust science. The cited errors relate to the strength of nicotine solutions allowed, the doses needed to match the nicotine "hit" from real cigarettes, an overstatement of the known dangers from nicotine and unwarranted assumptions that e-cigarettes will become "gateway products", tempting non-smokers and young people to try real cigarettes.

Of course the usual suspects are still wriggling with the BMA calling for more studies to find out things we already know (e.g. nicotine content, safety, health risks of nicotine). Nothing changes - although it's notable that the New Scientist gives the issue such coverage.



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Leg-iron said...

Good to see scientists finally speaking out about the debasement of science.

Also nice to see New Scientist reporting science again. I haven't read it since it became the propaganda arm of Climatology.