Thursday, 20 February 2014

On blocking access...a slight rant


I sent an email entitled "a slight rant". It went like this:


Corporate Overview & Scrutiny are running a review of drugs and alcohol work in the district. The Council spends some £12 million every year on this work with similar amounts spent by health services. That's a lot of money and some important services.
However, if I want to do a little research into drugs policy - look at the case for deregulation or at some of the work being done by charities and health services maybe...
...I can't because the Council blocks just about every site and I'm not going to keep sending requests to the 'infosec' address.
I'm a grown up. I am not about to start up a drugs peddling site nor am I about to use council IT to make or promote the illegal purchase of drugs. The presence of drugs references - or alcohol or smoking, for that matter - on my screen is not about to turn me into some sort of crack-addled speed freak.
What exactly are we doing? Who exactly are we protecting? And how am I to do my job?
Many thanks

Nothing to add to this but am I alone in finding this stuff utterly maddening.


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