Sunday, 2 March 2014

Further proof that The Observer is just a paper for snobs...


In this case food snobs:

Oh God. I fear my carefully honed reputation as a paragon of good taste is about to be destroyed. I feel like some Bible-bashing Republican senator who's been caught strapping himself to the wall bars in a secret torture garden, my appalling morals revealed. And so I am forced to explain. Pizza Hut UK has just launched a new product; an item so terrifying, so nightmarish, so clearly the product of a warped and twisted mind in matters edible, that I feel I have no choice but to try it.

I am doing this so others do not have to.

'Patronising' is a sauce that Jay Rayner (for it is he) likes to smother on when he's writing about the sort of food that the lower-classes consumer. Food that is, by definition, bad for them (and the poor dears don't know any better):

But there is another kind of waste, summed up by the Pizza Hut cheeseburger crust pizza, and that's overconsumption.

Presumably paying less than ten quid for a cheap pizza is far, far worse that spending two-hundred and fifty quid for a fancy five-course meal in one of those restaurants Mr Rayner and his pals like to dine out at. That grand expensive meal isn't waste but a big, fat-laden, meat-filled pizza (that Jay is very rude about) is waste.  Jay then leaps into a great long and sort of fact-filled diatribe about how Pizza Hut is killing people in the Middle East and China with their vast pizza treats.

Of course the truth is that the (largely mythical but that's a different story) reason for increased weight isn't Pizza Hut or McDonalds or Burger King or the fried chicken shop on the corner or any of those places that the likes of Jay Rayner like to sneer at. But it suits the Observer folk's snobbish, selfish agenda to target the preferences of less rich diners. Not because Jay and his mates give a stuff for those people but because they want to banish all those cheap food outlets and have the poor press their noses up to the glass staring in at posh Observer readers stuffing themselves with over expensive artisan-baked bread and hand-formed burgers served with twice-cooked chips and washed down with an over-priced imported 'premium' lager.

It's nothing to do with the environment, with waste or even with other folks' waists. It's because people like Jay Rayner are ghastly, selfish and self-important snobs.


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