Wednesday, 2 April 2014

George Galloway blames Ukraine's problems on Israel


Quite incredible really but true. George told callers to his programme on Iranian propaganda channel, Press TV, that 'the Zionists' had sent gunmen to the Maidan to help the 'revolution' so the Nazis could win and the remaining Ukrainian Jews would have to go to Palestine.

It's bad enough that one of Bradford's MPs isn't remotely interested in the problems of the City but when he spouts such nonsense you have to question Galloway's fitness to be an MP at all. Although he carefully skirts around outright anti-semitism (unlike some of his callers), the language and approach is still pretty appalling. But not quite as appalling as his use of lunatic conspiracy theories as a way to wind up naive supporters.



Umbongo said...

George's comment probably went down a treat with his core vote.

Amar rafiq said...

Muzzles loved it