Thursday 5 June 2014

In which I help NHS England with the answers to questions about eicigs


NHS England seem to be having some difficulty answering questions about e-cigs. Their latest effort is described as (thanks to Red Head Full of Steam):

KSS REAG (Respiratory Expert Advisory Group) meeting we had a very interesting discussion about e-cigarettes, the pros and the cons and potential uses, to try to form a consensus on where we stood as clinicians regarding e-cigarettes and their use

The questions they wanted to answer are below. To help them, I've provided the pretty definitive answers. So now you know NHS England, just get on with it!

1. Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?  Answer: Yes

2. Should we be encouraging their use to aid quitting?  Answer: Yes

3. Are e-cigarette users counted as smokers?  Answer: No

4. Should e-cigarettes be banned on Smokefree sites? Answer: No


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