Monday 16 June 2014

Quote of the day: on plain packaging...


From Professor Sinclair Davidson of RMIT University in Australia:

“I have no doubt that the consumption of cigarettes has risen since plain packaging was introduced; we just can’t be sure whether it is by existing smokers or new smokers.”

The quote's from an excellent article in The Australian (via Chris Snowdon). We should be clear that the good professor isn't saying that plain packs caused the rise in consumption rather that there's no link between what the packs look like and levels of consumption. Something some of us were saying even before the Aussies introduced the policy.


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Anonymous said...

Plain packets ,yes please, anything which makes it easier for our balkan friends to bring in
cheap baccy,cant fault it.
No surprise if Cameron and ASH send a grant to the terrorists in northern Iraq to implement their
total ban on tobacco,even if not used for said purpose it will come in handy for castration,summary execution and crucifixions.

Babylon Express