Thursday 31 July 2014

...more about our sober children


Top beer writer, Pete Brown has revisited the statistics about children and young people drinking. It's another 'must read' (although sadly they won't bother) for the public health crowd. Here's a sample:

Now the decline is so steep, and so sustained, that there's no getting away from it. Last week's headlines were unequivocal - under-age drinking is no longer cool:
  • 39% of pupils said they had drunk alcohol at least once. This continues the downward trend since 2003, when 61% of pupils had drunk alcohol, and is lower than at any time since 1988, when the survey first measured the prevalence of drinking in this age group.
  • 9% of pupils had drunk alcohol in the last week. This proportion has fallen from 25% in 2003.
Bouyed by this undoubted good news, the Portman Group undertook some research among parents of school-age children to learn if they were aware of the fact that their children are not drinking. 
Unsurprisingly given the media coverage the issue receives, 9 out of 10 parents had no idea about the 34% decrease in children who have drunk alcohol. The same proportion were similarly unaware of the 33% decrease in the number of kids who think it is OK to drink alcohol on a weekly basis.
We have (heaven knows how) spawned the most sober and sensible of generations and Pete Brown is right - a great deal of the credit goes to the drinks industry itself. Sadly, the prohibitionists and denormalisers won't have it that way regardless of the evidence.


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Curmudgeon said...

Pete Brown is a good writer when he isn't using his blog to take cheap, ill-informed pot shots at UKIP.