Sunday, 17 August 2014

Demonic possession and the spare bedroom...

Does Mrs McDonald's demon look like this?
This is, without doubt, the best excuse for not paying under-occupancy penalties - that thing people egregiously call the 'bedroom tax':

A woman in Liverpool claims a demon is occupying a bedroom in her apartment. If that’s not scary enough, tax collectors are also haunting her to collect overdue under-occupancy penalties because the room is occupied by a demon, not a tax-paying relative or renter. 

I know this sounds like the plot line to a 'B-movie' version of Poltergeist but this is serious stuff requiring action. And the action is exorcism:

The Liverpool Catholic Archdiocese confirms it has sent a priest to the house on several occasions to perform exorcisms and ceremonies have been carried out at Mrs. McDonald’s church, but to no avail. Meanwhile, McDonald says the demon has assaulted her and left bruises.

The problem is that Mrs McDonald can't move out because she owes rent (apparently she hasn't tried asking the demon for a contribution - there's a deal to be struck there) so she'll carry on cohabiting with this escaped denizen of the chthonic depths. They say possession is nine tenths of the law - what does that make demonic possession?


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Dr Evil said...

Demonic possession would be nine tenths of The Lore. I think selling your soul to this demon for 14 quid a week or month for a single spare room is rather a bad deal.Asmodeus would be so proud.