Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A fully independent and impartial investigation...

South Yorkshire Police's desired finish?

We're told this is planned by South Yorkshire police:

In announcing an investigation of the police's handling of the abuse of at least 1,400 children in Rotherham between between 1997 to 2013, Ch Con David Crompton said: "A fully independent and impartial investigation is required to ensure that people have confidence that organisations or any individuals will be investigated fairly, rigorously and with complete impartiality."

I guess the Chief Constable could have squeezed a few more 'impartials' into that sentence but not many. And it's welcome that this enquiry is happening surely? Or is it just another coat of whitewash painted over over a police force already remembered for the enthusiastic use of such an approach? Read the Chief Constable's wording very carefully - he's no saying what you think he's saying. And such people don't say these things by accident.

Here's what the Chief Constable actually means:

Crompton has begun discussions to identify an appropriate force to carry out the inquiry.

So that's clear then - it's independent in so far as those investigating how South Yorkshire Police responded (or rather didn't respond) to child sexual abuse in Rotherham are police officers from a different force. No indication that any of the enquiry will be conducted in public merely that, at some point, a report will emerge saying that some police officers who are conveniently no longer with the force did some terrible things and failed big time. But that this doesn't reflect at all on the current crop of 'leaders' who, of course, are brilliant, effective and robust.

How much whitewash will be needed I wonder?



FrankC said...

As long as they don't bring in West Midlands Police to investigate there is a fair chance of impartiality.

Anonymous said...

Be fair to South Yorkshire Police - while all this was going on, all their resources were fully committed to maintaining the cover-up on Hillsborough.