Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Can't afford organic grub? Eat less says green socialist millionaire...


Ah, Vivienne Westwood - revealing her green credentials again (and stuff the poor):

Dame Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer, has declared that people who can’t afford to buy organic food should "eat less" and stop getting fat.

The millionaire designer made the comments as she delivered a petition to Downing Street protesting about genetically modified food.

When a BBC Radio 5 Live interviewer suggested that "not everybody can afford to eat organic food", Dame Vivienne replied: "Eat less!"

Such a caring attitude to the less well off! But then that's millionaire socialists for you!



Anonymous said...

In other words, "let them eat cake", another famous dictate from someone at the top who sucked all the money and luxury from the classes beneath them, which for the modern Socialist/Progressive/Greenist, means just about everyone, since they've made it their only point and purpose in life is to take advantage of everyone for their own enrichment, while lying about their goodness and high morality to thusly fool the public into oh-so-beliving in them and voting the b*st*rds back into office each time. Come time for a cleansing, then all these "let them eat cake" personas might find themselves in a similar situation as what happened, historically, in the past, the last time a ruling class of tyrants tried pushing that on to the people and the people fought back. Time to boycott her clothing line perhaps also.

Dr Evil said...

That's on a par with "let them eat cake".