Thursday, 6 November 2014

On being burnt in effigy....


Every so often the Lewes bonfire societies hit the news. This year it's because they've had the audacity to burn (or planned to burn, what happened is a little unclear) effigies of Alec Salmond and Nessie. As is reported Sussex Police were this year's killjoys:

“For those enquiring we have been advised that there won’t be any burning of the Alex Salmond effigies this evening in Lewes. It is understood three effigies – two Alex Salmonds and one Nessie – were confiscated and removed”

It was, I gather, perfectly fine to burn Vladimir Putin in  a mankini. It also seems at least one of the Alec Salmond effigies got the proper treatment too.

So what! I forget which year it was but I was burnt in effigy on a bonfire in Bradford. Indeed a Guy Fawkes Day Bonfire at the Reservoir Hotel on Allerton Road (now sadly no more as with too many pubs) which held one of the better fireworks parties. I remember standing and watching as my besuited effigy, cigar and pint in hand gradually succumbed to the flames.

Good times! Viva England!


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Carl Minns said...

You've really not arrived until you've been burned in effigy :-)