Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The kind of Council George Galloway wants for Bradford...


Is this:

The authority that he has built is a beacon throughout the country in educational and in other social and political achievements. There are no academies in Tower Hamlets…

I wish we in Bradford had a council like Lutfur Rahman has in Tower Hamlets.

And what is Tower Hamlets like then? Ah, yes:

Police are investing a “rotten borough” facing allegations of cronyism, corruption and religious extremism, it emerged yesterday, after Eric Pickles took direct control of Tower Hamlets council.

Eric Pickles has dispatched three commissioners to oversee spending in the east London borough after a blistering report found public buildings had been sold to allies of the mayor and hundreds of thousands of pounds had been given as grants to ineligible bodies.

Contracts were awarded without the appropriate paperwork while Lutfur Rahman, the independent elected Mayor, personally selected preferred companies, an official report found. 

Good to know, George!


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