Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Trolls. Proper trolls.

None of this Internet troll stuff. We're talking the real thing - a whole essay on the real thing courtesy of Medievalist.net:

“Mucus was hanging down in front of her mouth. She had a beard but her head was bald. Her hands were like the claws of an eagle, but both arms were singed, and the baggy shirt she was wearing reached no lower than her loins in back but all the way to her toes in front. Her eyes were green and her forehead broad; her ears fell widely. no one would call her pretty”

This is what we want - fewer spotty oiks or self-indulgent masked Internet warriors - although this might put ideas in one or two folks' minds:

...calling someone a troll carried also a stiff penalty. Knutson and Riley remark, “Personal honour was taken very seriously, and to slander someone or spread false rumours could be expensive or even deadly”. In his book, Trolls: An Unnatural History, John Lindow recounts that calling someone a troll was considered vicious slander akin to accusing a man of bearing children, anally penetrating another man, or insinuating he was a mare, bitch, witch or whore. In The Saga of Finnbogi, Finnbogi’s young sons tease an old neighbour and call him a troll. The neighbour promptly kills them even though they are only aged five and three. This causes Finnbogi to take vengeance on the man and slay him. So remember, next time at the bar…thinking of calling that annoying drunk a troll? Just don’t.

Do go and read the article -more fun than the latest moan from some social justice warrior or headline-seeking politicians about trolls on Twitter!


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