Monday, 9 February 2015

Corsham is, of course, a hotbed of militancy and extremism...


Corsham is a quiet, unspoilt town where peacocks wander freely around the streets! It owes its prosperity to the wool trade and quarrying of golden Bath stone, brought to life in the town's heritage centre.

Discover the wealth of beautiful and historic buildings including Corsham Court, 17th Century Flemish buildings, Lady Margaret Hungerford Almshouses, weavers cottages, old inns and the elegant Town Hall. 

OK this comes from 'Visit Wiltshire' who are obviously going to put a positive spin on the town. The truth could be that the town is riven with community tensions and a hotbed of violent extremists seeking out people who might have bought the wrong kind of magazine or displayed the wrong sort of cartoon:

“A police officer visited a local shop and post office in Corsham to make an assessment of community tensions and, if appropriate, encourage the newsagent’s owner to be vigilant. During this conversation the officer requested information about subscribers to the Charlie Hebdo magazine."

Now (and we know the newsagent retails that source of evil, The Guardian) it's clear that Wiltshire Police were on the look out for the subversive sort - like 77-year old Anne Keat - who, by buying the 'commemorative' issue of Charlie Hebdo, threaten the peace and stability of the nation.

Part of me takes the view that, once again, we're reminded that the police really don't have enough to do. But worse a police officer felt it OK to ask for the names of people who had bought a perfectly legal product as part of an "assessment of community tensions". And - even worse - that the newsagent didn't simply tell the police officer that he could sod off.

Finally, what sort of tipple does the Wiltshire chief constable inbibe to make him think tasking "officers across the county to assess community tensions" makes any sense in a place like Corsham where community tensions are almost entirely absent? Unless it's about the peacocks, of course.


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