Tuesday, 14 April 2015

As dog whistles go this one from George Galloway is loud!


One of GG's lines in his Bradford West election campaign has been to suggest that the Conservative and Labour candidates against him are stooges for a sinister neo-conservative think tank called the Henry Jackson Society. Worse that this think tank is a sort of Zionist sponsored campaign that wishes to destroy Mr Galloway (or at least get him unelected).

That's the context for this:

The inference here - in a constituency where about half the electorate is Muslim - is that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was somehow responsible for the Labour Party's selection process in Bradford West. You can read across from this is two ways - that it's all a Zionist conspiracy (doubtless Galloway's defence) or else that it's a Jewish conspiracy (which the lack of clarity in Galloway's comment allows others to claim or argue).

Lot's of people would consider this particular image rather anti-Semitic. All I'm going to say is that it's a very loud dog whistle indeed.

Update: Another similar image doing the rounds...


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Lysistrata said...

Words fail me.
I've never trusted GG since his stint at War on Want over three decades ago.
I'd write more, but no doubt I (and you) would very quickly get solicitors' letters asking for compensation...