Friday, 1 May 2015

Labour and the politics of hate

Aneurin Bevan the sainted father of 'Our NHS' was a bigot. A man whose politics wasn't driven by care or compassion but by hatred. This man - lauded and celebrated daily by the Labour Party - hated me, hated my father and hated my grandfather. Such is the bitter and warped nature of Labour's politics - that you can buy a t-shirt emblazoned with the message above tells you everything that is wrong about Labour. It is a Party steeped in hatred, in a loathing for others merely because of where they're from, how they talk and above all what they believe.

I have been involved in politics for nearly 40 years now and can say that, while there are one or two people who I'd be happy never to see ever again, nobody I have met is worthy of hate. Yet the Labour Party celebrated the politics of this nasty man driven to hate others by a twisted ideology. And today I watch as educated, middle-class socialists carried along by this malignant view repeat this mantra of hatred.

I do not hate the Labour Party or the men and women who are its members. I believe - deeply and profoundly - that their ideology is wrong and damaging to the interests of the working people Labour folk claim to represent. It is time for that Party to put aside the hate and recognise that people who hold to a different ideology are not uncaring, not without compassion and just as concerned for bettering the lives of ordinary people as Labour folk.

It is time for Labour to stop ascribing false motives to business people and people who support the interests of those people. It is time for Labour to stop characterising those who believe the answer to social problems is different to the left's view as spiteful, uncaring or motivated by personal greed. And it is time for Labour to stop exploiting hatred in order to attract support, feeding the monster of class hatred.

They won't of course. But I live in hope. Meantime this sort of stuff happens.



Anonymous said...

The modern equivalent of hate-agent is the SNP, which has a hierarchy of hate....
1. The Tories
2. Westminster
3. The English

In fact, there's nothing else fuelling its rise. Makes the BNP seem almost tolerant.

Edward Spalton said...

Yes, Bevan was a first rate shit and also a Soviet agent of influence. In the thirties he defended and belittled Stalin's murder of millions by deliberate famine in the Ukraine.

Someone said to Ernest Bevin ( Labour wartime minister of labour and post war Foreign Secretary) " Nye's his own worst enemy"
" Not whilst I'm alive" said Ernie.

I thought that Bevan must have had a change of heart when he backed Britain's nuclear deterrent but a close colleague revealed that he was dancing to Moscow's tune. They thought it was better to have someone additional to the USA in the game.