Thursday, 22 October 2015

How technology means you don't need a public transport authority


As is common these days, this discovery comes from Africa - matatu are privately-owned mini-buses that provide much of the service in cities like Nairobi:

Based on the gathered data, a first comprehensive Matatu map was released in 2014. Recently the Digital Matatus group joined forces with Google to bring the Matatu system to Google Maps. Just like checking subway times in New York, residents of Nairobi can now simply see the Matatu system on the map and plan a trip, use a Matatu smartphone app, or use the printed version of the map. The benefits of the new system are more efficient travel and even the possibility of using safer routes during the nights.

Much better than a load of councillors sitting in Leeds talking about bus routes in my humble opinion!


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Radical Rodent said...

Why go as far as Nairobi (unless you want to squeeze in a safari)? Go to Brest; there has been a system like that for years, albeit planned (properly) by the "council".