Wednesday 13 April 2016

Quote of the day - the 'kumbaya' school of leadership...


Politics matters. Even your much maligned office politics. Learn it.

“I was universally liked across the company, a team player who put in more hours than anyone else,” she said. “I was heads down on delivering results, shared my inner self and built trust…everything I was trained and even coached to do.”

With those words, I recognized what had happened immediately. Jill was one more victim of what I call the “Kumbaya” school of leadership, which says that being open, trusting, authentic, and positive — and working really hard — is the key to getting ahead. The Kumbaya school is doing the Jills of the world a great disservice, leading them to often act in ways that are detrimental to their careers.

Depressing I know. But true.


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Curmudgeon said...

The sad fact of life that everyone has to discover for themselves - it's not ability that gets you ahead, it's arselicking.