Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Human rights lawyers - Old Billy might have been right

This particular "human rights lawyer" is the lowest sort of humanity - fitting up others so he can profit from the taxpayer:
Phil Shiner, from Public Interest Lawyers, wrote a letter confessing some of his actions to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal over his firm’s alleged involvement in false claims being made against British troops by Iraqis.

He wrote that "he accepts" he will now face being struck off. Shiner admits he paid a tout more than £25,000 in referral fees to find clients and admits covering his tracks by doctoring evidence.

Public Interest Lawyers had brought forward nearly 200 compensation claims from Iraqis and more than 1,100 cases of alleged wrongdoing and killings by British military personnel.

He brought thousands of allegations of historic abuse against British troops in Iraq that forced the Government to set up the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) that has pursued criminal investigations against war veterans. Almost all of those claims are now known to be unfounded.
Ordinary tommies had their lives ruined by this man so he could make millions from Legal Aid. What disturbs me most is that Shiner wasn't just a crooked lawyer but a crooked lawyer celebrated as some sort of hero by his fellow lawyers. A reminder that this is a profession without any concept of ethics in its marketing and filled with people ready to patronise the rest of us regular folk. At times Old Billy was definitely right.



Anonymous said...

"Phil Shiner.......admits covering his tracks by doctoring evidence." Fraud and especially obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception are criminal, arrestable, offences. Why has this (alleged, for he is still a lawyer) low life not been arrested and charged? Could it be that the CPS see so much of themselves in him? Just another example to show that there is little connection between the law and justice in this country.

James Higham said...

A prison term would soon address that ethics gap.

rob bollixed said...

Parliament is infested with lawyers too. Explains a lot.