Friday, 30 June 2017

(Depressing) Quote of the day....

Leg Iron on the smoking ban - and what's to come:
I still laugh like a hyena with a nitrous oxide overdose at every business out there who claims to have a ‘no smoking policy’. No, you have no such policy. You do not have the choice in this matter, you are not allowed to decide. The Righteous have take that decision from you.

You do not decide your own policy. That is not your choice. The option resides with a higher power – your business is now their business. Just do as you are told and act as unpaid smoke police. Suck it up and get used to it, you don’t have the balls to fight it.

Next you will be unpaid booze, salt and sugar police. You don’t have the balls to fight that either. Just get used to it, your business has to pay to enforce it and it’ll ruin you eventually but who cares?
I'd like to hope that this won't come to pass. But it will. Jobs will be lost. Businesses will close. All because of the public health fanatics and the supine media and government that indulges their lies.


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