Friday, 9 June 2017

It's a small thing, Theresa

It's a small thing, Theresa

It's a small thing. Insignificant among the grand politics. But it's an important thing that tells us so much about the current mindset of the Conservtive Party and its leader.

During the election I received hundreds of emails from various important people in the party - from Boris, from Patrick, from Amber, from David, and, of course, from you. Each day my in box would welcome another slew of exhortations. I know, I know...the emails aren't really from these people, no-one's fooled (any more than I was fooled by similar ones from various Labour grandees). I'm a professional marketer.

It's a small thing. Since the polls closed at 10pm on Thursday night, my in boxes have been free of emails from the Conservative Party and its leaders - not one. And you know something, Theresa, this is a problem. While you've been coming over all strong and stable, you and your team have forgotten to do something really simple.

You've forgotten to send one more email. One that says:

'thank you very much. It wasn't the result we worked for but the Party really appreciates everything you've done over the election camapign.'

One simple little email. One mark of appreciation for the fact that I got myself completely drenched on polling day trying to get someone elected. One mark of appreciation for the thousands of other folk - the people you sent those endless email messages to during the campaign. People who knocked on doors. Delivered leaflets. Addressed envelopes. Made telephone calls. Manned polling stations. The people who made it possible for you to drive into Buckingham Palace this morning to see the Queen.

It's a small thing, Theresa. But it matters. Say thank you.




Anonymous said...

This goes for all elections, for all parties, for all candidates, not just the one. It goes to show how much hostility and disrespect they have for the very people they allege themselves to represent. Selfish thieving incompetent corrupted liars to the core, every damn one of them.

barnacle bill said...

Saying "Sorry" to the nation might also be added to your list.

I watched her speech from Downing Street yesterday, no signs of contrition, nor any humility. It was almost giving us voters the finger from her body language.

I am afraid to say just from that short view of her reaction to the disater that she has created I do not think we are in for "happy" times. The Nasty side of the Conservative Party has been let out of it's box.

Anonymous said...

Not all parties - I had email from Tim Farron at 10pm Thursday night saying thanks for all the hard work and one from Tim Pollard (LD Chief Exec) on Friday morning celebrating and commiserating the results and saying "thank you" again.

I thought I had one from one of my local LD candidates as well, but I might have dreamt that (or I've deleted it)

Hugh Sainsbury said...

Actually I had a very nice thank you email from Tim Farron yesterday.

Hugh Sainsbury said...

Actually I had a very nice email from Tim Farron yesterday. LibDem is natural home for proper conservatives like me. Good luck with the fascism anyway. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Actually not all - I got a lovely thank you email from Labour!

James Higham said...

They don't care.

Anonymous said...

@barnacle bill - Quite. £130M spent on an unnecessary election during these times of austerity. They've always got the money to do whatever they want, though.

Trofim said...

On a thread at Conservative Home re May's leadership, I suggested immediate change of leader, and was in the minority. It's quite clear to me now, that Labour are easily winning the propaganda competition, and Theresa May is now the Conservatives' chief liability.