Wednesday, 29 November 2017

(Stupid) Quote of the day: how novelty coffee mugs discriminate against us left-handers

It's a tough life being left handed (allow me to introduce you to scissors) - but some folk seem more traumatised than us more adjusted lefties:
Novelty coffee cups are a waste of time – the funny messages are always written on the wrong side. The cups that have a tray beneath the drinking reservoir in order to conceal biscuits favours the right-hander, meaning you cover yourself in Hobnobs whenever taking a drink of your brew. Personalised pens almost always see the bearer’s name written from the nib outwards, meaning that left-handers have to get used to seeing their names upside down.
Heavens! Yes! Those novelty mugs (not sure about the cups with a tray underneath at all - Room 101 for them definitely). And so many other things...

But. Can any of you right handed people play darts and snooker equally badly with both hands? Bet you can't! I used to play left hand versus right hand as a kid. So there.



Anonymous said...

Sinistre, eh? Likewise. You have to be clever to be left-handed.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

As a fellow southpaw, I'm totally with you on the scissors.

I used to shoot left-handed, too, as a result of a short-sighted right eye. Awkward, with the old Leigh-Enfield, but I got used to it and even became quite good at it (got the old marksman's sleeve badge around here somewhere).

But that was then, when ear-defenders were for girls.

So now as well as writing with my left hand, I am going deaf(er) in my left ear.

Karma, I suppose.