Saturday, 18 August 2018

Quote of the day...on the sugar tax

From the lovely People Against the Sugar Tax:
According to data published last week by Nielsen, the number of people saying they will give up sugary drinks has fallen from 11% before the tax started to just 1% now.

And the number of people saying they will continue to buy sugary drinks has actually gone up, from 31% before the tax started to 44% now.
It's not working. This is because people hate the idea (as I witnessed in the Co-op when someone said "how much?" when buying some Coca-Cola Classic - the woman on the check out responded, "it's that stupid tax they've brought in").

And this is before it dawns on the fussbuckets that the tax won't do what they say it'll do - make kids thinner. It is a stupid, illiberal, tax that will fall heaviest on the poorest while not resulting in a single lost pound.



Anonymous said...

Oh, but it does do what they secretly want it to do - which is raise more revenue. Just another way to raise taxes trying to disguise the fact they just want more tax from people, so they try to make people feel good about something that is of no value to anyone, except to the tax collector and the treasury.

Etu said...

They'd make far more in Yorkshire by bringing in a car-washing licence, the fools.

Jonathan Bagley said...

Smoking has gone down from 20% to 15% in the last 6 years - a 25% drop in excise duty, which amounts to around £2.5 billion a year. That's a big chunk of tax to claw back and every little helps.