Sunday, 29 November 2009

How mages differ from shaman

In a comment below David Hodgson draws a nice comparison between a magus and a shaman:

“Maybe I should have used Magus instead of Shaman to have it be comprehended by a British audience”

Thinking about this, it came to me that explaining the difference between a magus and a shaman might help clear up why David & I differ.

For those who spent too much time playing Dungeons & Dragons the difference is simple – shamans are clerics and a magus is a magic user. Our shaman is concerned with the spiritual and gets strength from that source – understanding derives from heavenly wisdom and its study.

In contrast the magus is more worldly – a creature of knowledge rather than wisdom. The source of power is study, comprehension and preparation. The magus tends to eschew the spiritual and to trust in what can be seen, felt and held – however esoteric.

Perhaps business needs both kinds of people?

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David Hodgson said...

That is a very nice differentiation. I believe that both are essential. It strikes me that this really is the old story of holism and reductionism. Both are viewpoints that have great utility in creating human wellbeing. We have elevated reductionism high above holism, and now we need to rebalance, or, as Aleister Crowley frames it, make the shift from the aeon of Osiris, into the aeon of Horus ;)