Friday, 19 August 2011 about sunbathing?

So we tell people that sunshine is bad for them, get mums to cover their kids in all-in-one suits and to daub them in factor 500 creams. And what do we get? Ah, yes! Rickets!

The NHS should consider checking pregnant women's vitamin D levels to protect babies from the "Victorian" bone disease rickets, an expert says.

A Journal of Medical Screening article suggests rickets was returning, with many women not getting enough vitamin D, which comes mainly from sunlight.

Apparently we must, because of this problem, now give pregnant women Vitamin D supplements:

A consultant paediatrician at Ealing's hospital, Dr Colin Michie, says the increased use of high-factor sun-cream means a lot of women who are not in at-risk groups are also vitamin D deficient.

He says the idea of screening is interesting, but he argues that providing free vitamin D supplements for all pregnant women would be cheaper and easier.

He believes this would lead to healthier babies and would save the NHS money.

Or we could just tell them to sunbathe. That would work!



George Speller said...

See what happens when you abandon common sense. As for indiscriminate medication they might as well put it in thje water. No, wait . . .

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't happen to have anything to do with people wearing 'complete body coverings' would it?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Southern Africa and during the summer holidays would be outside all day every day. And ran around in naught but a pair of shorts. For "protection" against sunburn, my mum would slap coconut oil on my back and shoulders. That was 40-odd years ago - I'm still waiting to be stricken down by skin cancer.