Monday, 10 October 2011

Well that's probably because people are healthy...


The nannying fussbuckets really don't get it, do they?

Research from employee engagement company ORC International has revealed that just 17% of smokers concede that they may be unhealthy or very unhealthy as a result.

The poll of more than 1,000 working-age Britons found that just 12% considered themselves to be unhealthy or very unhealthy, despite the fact that nearly a quarter regularly smoked and 41% drank on a regular basis.

All this may be true but the simple fact of smoking and drinking does not make you ill. At worst, what it does in increase your risks of being ill. For some conditions - lung cancer for smokers, for example - the risk is considerable. But despite this most smokers don't get lung cancer.

But then it seems ORC International (is their Chief Executive called Saruman by any chance?) have a product to flog:

ORC has also developed a new "Healthy Workplace" survey tool, which is due to be launched this month. It is designed to enable organisations to gather insights into the state of wellbeing in their workplace and to implement wellbeing programmes.



Pat Nurse MA said...

"For some conditions - lung cancer for smokers, for example - the risk is considerable."

Never smokers have a 17% chance of getting lung cancer. Smokers have a 20% chance of getting lung cancer. Lifetime smokers who quit up their chances of getting lung cancer to 60% after sudden quitting.

When I say I am healthy I mean it. After almost 44 years of smoking I still work, run, walk, cycle, ride horses, and enjoy life as other people who don't smoke do. I am actually a lot healthier than those never smokers who are more sedentary. I'd take any of them on in a 100 metre race and win!

I am sick of the lies, misinformation and propaganda to make people fear and hate me and believe I am too stupid to know whether I am "healthy" or not.

This approach to eradicate my kind would be illegal if directed at any other minority group.

Clarissa said...


Nah, you mean Morgoth, aka Melkor.

I'll get my coat.