Thursday, 26 July 2012

No austerity for Oxfam!


It has been a bumper year for top international aid charity, Oxfam:

The charity's accounts for year end 31 March 2012, published today, show that the overall total combined income rose to £385.5m from £367.5 the previous year. 

Wonderful news - great to discover that, despite trying economic times, the British public continue to dig deep into their pockets to help the third world. Or rather have their pockets dug into by government:

While voluntary income decreased by almost 7 per cent from £138.4m to £129.7m, resources from the government, institutional donors and other public authorities rose by almost 16 per cent from £138.1m to £159.8m. 

You didn't know that over half of Oxfam's income comes from the government did you? Or that this amount has increased year after year? That nice lady in the shop didn't tell you. The chugger didn't tell you. The tear-jerking ads didn't tell you.

And they certainly didn't tell you that much of that increase in Oxfam's funding comes from the EU (the British government cut its funding of the charity) - doubtless in exchange for becoming yet another mindless cheerleader for Euro-babble. And I guess that Oxfam don't care now that the Common Agriculture Programme kills more folk in Africa than the EU saves through its 'generosity' with taxpayers money.



Anonymous said...

I wonder how George Osborne will fill that nice deficit hole.

I know, tax smokers, drinkers and the middles classes!

Anonymous said...

Just check out the top 10 charities' accounts and discover how much they pay their senior folk. Somewhere between amazed and appalled will be the reaction.

That quid you throw into the collecting bucket has a lot of work to do in the boardroom before any of it can get to the needy.

Lysistrata said...

" that the Common Agriculture Programme kills more folk in Africa..."

A good post yet again, Simon.

But where did you get your info and opinion from on this? Only asking, not criticising...