Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nannying Fussbucket of the Week: Cllr Audrey Lewis


The woman who pulled the plug on The Boss rather than give him ten more minutes speaks:

I can understand the disappointment of fans when the Springsteen and McCartney duo came to a rather un rock'n'roll-like end. However the licensing rules are ultimately not there to kill the party, but to go some way to discharge the legal responsibility we also have to consider.

We make up some rules and, by jingo, we're going to enforce those rules - to the second - regardless of how many folk's pleasure we spoil as a result. Those licensing rules really are, absolutely and specifically, design to 'kill the party' and that's just what they did. To no-one's benefit.



Anonymous said...

Since they are such legal genuises (but a little short on humanity), why couldn't they have put a clause in the original license contract starting with something like, "and in the circumstance that the event runs longer than licensed, increments of time over will be computed and billed at the end, continuance of all features of said license will prevail during the period of time over-runs, and not to exceed ### units of time" - or words to that effect. I mean, they are referring to lawyers - if they had a heart to go along with that brain, they might have thought up such an idea, in advance, on all licensing contracts.

Phil Ruse said...

In light of this, LOCOG's desire to enforce Olympic branding rules, and I'm sure many other examples, do you think it's a case that British authorities are 'better' at this - or should that be more rigorous - than other authorities around the world?